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Time Management Are you the Master or the Slave?


hourglassOne of the most precious commodities you have is your time.  You can use it wisely and be its master, or you can be a slave to it.  It is perishable and irreplaceable.  It can’t be saved it can only be reallocated from other areas of your life.  Once it is gone it is gone.  How you spend this precious thing is your choice.  Taking a few moments to think about how you use it is a wise use of your time.  Here are a few tips to help you.

Be Clear About Your Why

All work requires time.  All meaningful relationships also require time.  That being said it’s time to  reflect on what is important to you.  Once you have developed your list of important things, you can begin to set your goals around them.

There are three major areas of your life.  The first should be your personal and family goals, better known as your “why goals”.  After all, isn’t this the reason why you get out of bed in the morning?  Why you go to your job to earn money?  Isn’t this why frustration occurs,when there isn’t enough money for what you want to do?  Isn’t there some frustration about the demands of your time that is taking you away from this important area of your life? The essence of time management is to achieve these personal and family goals.

Decide on Your “Why” Goals

What are the tangible and intangible goals of your family, and for you personally?  The tangible goal could be a bigger house, a newer car, your dream vacation, a boat, a healthy retirement, or anything that cost money. The intangible goal could be building a better relationship with you partner and children, which means spending more time with them.  As the saying goes, “How does your children and spouse spell love?  It is T-I-M-E.”  Or, maybe, you would like more time to yourself to read, or take long walks.

Achieving Your “How to” Goals

The second area is your “how to” or better known as your business and career goals.  The “how to” goals are the way to reach your “why” goals.  This is the area where you would improve your skills for your money making abilities such as a job or career.  You will need to decide how much money you will need for those “why goals” and what you can do to accomplish those money making goals.  This is where you can become unbalanced.  If you spend all your time on making money and your career and don’t pay enough time to your personal and family goals you risk distancing yourself on the most important things in your life.  Business and career goals are absolutely essential, but must be balanced with family and personal goals.

Growing With Personal Development Goals

These goals are about the inner you.  Your life is a mirror of what is going on inside your mind.  You will never get further in your life if you don’t develop the inner you.  You can have the life of your dreams if you are willing to put in the work and the time it takes to make yourself into the person who those dreams are a fit.  This is where self improvement comes into play. You must build yourself if you are going to build your life.

The key to having the life you desire is to be clear on what you want, put the things in place to support your goals and developing yourself as a person to fit that life.  Managing your time is a crucial aspect to all of it.
If you don’t master your time it will make you its slave.

The purpose of this blog is to enrich your life with self improvement information.  Please leave me a comment about what you enjoyed in this posting and maybe, what you would like to see covered here!

After all, freedom comes with responsibility.

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