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Tony Robbin – How Can We Change Our Beliefs?

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Our beliefs run our lives.  Plain and simple.  Yesterday, I wrote about taking individual responsibility for our lives.  I think, we all want to live life by our own design.  To do this, we will need to learn to change our beliefs that don’t serve us.

Can we train ourselves to believe something different?  I have had frustrating times in my life where I realized that my belief in something was not best for me.  The frustration came from not knowing how to change the belief.  I even knew what belief I wanted to embrace.  But, I felt so far away from accepting that belief as my own, as I am from the thinking that grass is purple.

I know that when we push against something it creates resistance.  “Whatever we resist persists”, as the saying goes.  What are our reasons for resistance to change? 

I was a smoker for 30 years, starting as a young teenager.  I knew that smoking was not good for me.  I had tried to quit smoking many times.  The key word is “tried”.  I had, in the past, pushed to quit.  Denying myself the things I craved.

When I finally made the decision to become a non smoker, I had all the right reasons.  I didn’t like the way it made me smell.  I could see the handwriting on the wall, smokers were going to be the next class of people that would become social pariahs.  I knew I would be able to breath better if I didn’t smoke.  I had all kinds of reasons why I wanted to be a non-smoker.  Not an ex-smoker, but a non-smoker. 

I prayed to have the desire for cigarettes taken from me.  I knew, that if I didn’t desire them, it would be easier to become the non-smoker I wanted to be.  I, then, let it go.  My prayers were answered.  My desire for smoking ceased to exist.  I have been tobacco free for 9 1/2 years.  The greatest thing about it is, I don’t desire them even though my husband has continued to smoke.

Even though, I had tried so many times before, and failed, I was able to change my belief that I was a smoker.  It wasn’t difficult to quit once I changed my beliefs.  I have been asked many times, “it can’t have been that easy?”  Yes it was.  It has been almost a decade since I quit and sometimes, I even forget that I ever smoked.  I am not telling you this story to brag, but to emphasize how all beliefs, no matter how ingrained,  can be changed.  The change can be so small, or easy, that it doesn’t even seem possible that it could have such a big impact.

I ran across this 8 minute video by Tony Robbins.  He is talking about how small changes can make the most difference.  I have heard it said that we are only a small carburetor adjustment away from having what we want in life. This video answers the question,  how we can change our beliefs to the ones that serve us best?


Tony Robbins says, “Successful people will do what failures won’t.”  Successful people set and achieve goals.  Would you like to set and achieve goals like successful people?  Click here to find out more!

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