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Tony Robbins – What Motivates Us and Why Do We Do What We Do?

October 1st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you ever wondered why, with so many things that make us alike, we have so many differences that pull us apart?  We are emotional human beings.  We have basic human needs that motivate us.  But, could it be that we each have a different set of priorities which we use for motivation?

I know what I wrote may seem criptic.  I have a video from a speech that Tony Robbins made to TED.  TEDtalks, “Ideas worth spreading”, is a place where the greatest minds in the world meet to share their ideas.  Tony was invited to speak and he gave a talk that is both informative and inspiritational.  I have listened to this video twice and I have gotten something new out of it each time I have listened.  I encourage you to watch it also.  It is a little over 21 mintues long.  It really made me think, like only Tony Robbins can do.  Three questions his video answers are:  “why do we do what we do?, “what movtivates us?”, and “why can we all get along?”

If you are ready to learn something new and answer some questions that you might not have known you had, get another cup of your favorite relaxing beverage, sit back and enjoy this video.  You won’t be sorry you made the time commitment.  If you are unable to view the video on my blog, here is the link,  click here.

Have you discovered which of the 6 human needs motivates you the most?  How can we grow more and contribute beyond ourselves?  I believe we need appropriate goals to move us forward.   You can find your answers to effective goal setting by getting involved in the 7 day goal setting course.  It is delivered straight to your inbox of your email.  Click here to find out more!

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