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What Do Great Leader Do That Others Don’t?

August 23rd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

There are advantages to leadership.  The leader set the goals, develops the game plan to meet those goals, and makes the decisions along the way.  Great leaders know this freedom comes with many rewards, but, also, a tremendous amount of responsibilities.

Great leaders knows the ultimate “buck” stops with them.  Whether their team wins or loses, the responsibility for those results falls to the leader.  I have found, that the toughest thing, for some leaders, is to accept the responsibility for team failures.  The easy route to take, is to blame the members of the team.  Whether they say it themselves, or anyone else, they justify the loss by thinking their team’s a bunch of “donkeys” with no ability.  Or, they make excuses, such as, the competition caused this.

A strong leader accepts the responsibility, learns the lesson from those failures, and takes steps to never, ever, do it again.  When the leader can do that, the team will learn the lessons of being responsible for their own actions.

A leader, should set a team goal, pass out the responsibilities of that goal to each team member, and step back and let them do it.  I have seen leaders who do a great job of setting the goal, delegating the task, and then step all over their team mates.  They begin to micro manage the tasks.  They don’t trust the job to get done to their specifications.

I believe one of the most frustrating thing a leader can do to their team is to tell them how they, as the leader, would do the task.  It creates a dependency in the team and fear of not being able to do the task without input from the leader.  It is good to test the team’s ability to do the task by giving them the freedom to do it.  Each team mate is responsible for getting their own part of the task done.  The leader’s responsibility is to give their team support and encouragement.  By asking them to imitate the leader, their true abilities will not be given the opportunity to shine.  The leader will never know their potential and neither will they.

The sign of a great leader is not that they win every battle or game.  It is their ability to grow other strong, independent leaders, capable of getting the job done.  Great leaders spawn great teams, that creates other great leaders, who create strong teams…and the cycle goes on and on.

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