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What Do Successful People Do To Win?


Have you ever wondered what the differences is between people who are successful and those who aren’t?  It doesn’t seem to be their upbringing.  Some of the most successful people started their lives out with less than stellar beginnings.  It doesn’t seem to be talent.  Hollywood is littered with the broken dreams of talented people who didn’t “make it”.

I have heard people say, “Well that person was just lucky”.  Is it luck?  I believe there are several steps that are necessary to have that “luck” that successful people enjoy.

They Know Why They Want Their Dream

They are perfectly clear on why it is important for them to have their dream.  Write your reasons for your dream down on paper.  Look at your reasons every day.  If you aren’t clear on your dream how do you know when you have what you truly want?

They Believe Their Dream Can Happen

The biggest hurtle for most people to sail over is the belief that their dream can happen to them.  Whether it is past programming or someone naysaying their dream those two reason keep most people from believing they can have their dream.  If you are a victim of past programming, you will need to take steps to change that programming.  An excellent book to delve into your beliefs is “Choose to Believe” by Alan Tutt.

If the naysayers are getting you down, distance yourself from them.  Start hanging out with people who are striving for their dreams.

They Stay “In touch” With Their Dream Daily

Another way to keep your dream alive is to visit it.  If your dream is a certain car, go drive it.  Have someone take a picture of you standing by it or sitting in it. Visualize it in detail, every day.  How does the leather smell.  What does the dashboard look like.  How does the steering wheel feel in your hands.  Use all your senses in your visualization.  Whatever your dream is, if you visualize it in detail, that will help keep disbelief at bay.  Without the belief that you “can do it” you will get frustrated and quit.

They Never, Never, Never Quit!

I didn’t say, they never get frustrated and feel like quitting.  Some successful people feel like quitting every day.  But, the people who succeed in capturing their dreams are the ones that never quit.  Paul J. Meyer is quoted as saying, “Ninety percent of all those who fail are not actually defeated. They simply quit.”  How very sad!  How will you experience your dream if you quit?  Most people quit when they are closest to their goal.  When you feel like quitting put your blinders on and take one step…and then another…and then another until you get past the quitting stage.  Keep moving in the right direction!

I have a little video for you from a movie called “Facing the Giants”.  It was never a blockbuster, but as you can see, even the “sleepers” can have an amazing message.

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