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What does Luck have to do with Success?

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We all have heroes.  Someone we admire.  They may excel in our favorite sport, or they could have reached a level of success in business we aspire to obtain.  We, all, need heroes.  When we pick heroes, we are celebrating their achievement of excellence.  What does it take to reach their level of excellence?

Sometimes, when we observe someone who is excelling we say, “they were born lucky!”, or “They have a natural talent.”  But, luck and natural talent are gifts that will only take us so far.  When it comes to luck, I’m sure you have heard the saying, “the harder we work, the luckier we get.”

What we aren’t seeing in our talented, lucky heroes, is the hours of practice it took to get them to where they are.  Or the sacrifices they made to achieve the level of excellence we are celebrating.  Sorry folks, there is no substitute for hard work.

Anyone who excels at something, whether it is sports or business has paid a price.  An athlete pays the price of injuries.  If they lose a game, they can’t stop to lick their wounds.  They have to get back after it, spending grueling hours practicing.  They do this over and over again.

A business person, also, pays a price for success.  They put in long hours and time away from family.  Perhaps, they’ve had business failures.  A business failure is devastating.  Picking themselves up, after a failure, to pursue their goals and dreams again is a difficult thing to do!

For instance, let’s look at the success of the McDonald’s company.  Ray Kroc endured much before he made it big with his idea of franchising the McDonald’s fast food restaurants.  He had a dream and worked in many industries before he stumbled across the McDonald Brothers when he was selling shake mixing machines.  He was in his 50’s and suffered from ill health.  After buying the McDonald brothers out, he put together the McDonald’s franchise system.  That was the missing piece for his  dream success.  Today, all we see is his success, which stands like a beacon of hope for those who’s dreams involve owning their own franchise restaurant.  His idea revolutionized the business world and impacted the way Americans eat.

Sacrifice is a tough word.  People shy away from it like a plague.  Sacrifice is giving up hobbies, TV, time away from family, and many hours of self improvement.  Sacrifice is denying oneself something they want, to put them closer to their goals.

Sacrifice is continuing to pay the price, even when everything goes to stink!  The easier route is to give up in defeat.  Beat ourselves up.  Accept being a broken failure.  The hardest thing to do, is to pick ourselves up and do it again.  It calls upon our inner strength and self discipline.  No one, but ourselves, can make us willing to pay the price, again.  To succeed, you must be one tough dude!  As someone I know and respect said, “if I had known how great it is to be successful, I would have paid twice the price.”

We don’t luck into success.  Success comes from inside of us.  Those who are willing to turn down immediate pleasures today and work hard, can receive the rewards of success and financial independence.  Then, someone will look at them and say, “he/she was born lucky”, “he/she has natural talent”.  But, we’ll know, won’t we?

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