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What is the Key to Money and Wealth?

November 5th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

keyDollarHave you wondered what the difference is between wealthy people and people that never acquire any real wealth?  I have thought about that many times.  I know extremely wealthy people, and they are wired completely different than the less fortunate.  Their thought processes are completely different from the “have nots”.

We are all a product of our environment.  The wealthy know this and question the “truths” of how they were raised.  They are open minded to different ways of thinking. The don’t accept the “status quo”.  They question it.

There are many differences in the way people look at money and wealth.  Most people feel that if they had enough money they would be set for life.  But, what is money?  The paper or coin that we take for money is not the real value of wealth.  The truth about money is, the only reason that we use money for transactions for goods and services is because we believe that it holds value.  Almost all the money in this world is no longer backed up by a physical thing.  It is not backed up by anything other than our belief that it holds value.  It is circulated in computers and by the use of plastic cards. It never really makes it into the physical realm in the form of an actual physical paper dollar or metal coin. 

Wealth is a state of mind.  Yes, I know you can’t make your mortgage with a state of mind…or can you?  Let’s look at a few differences between how wealthy people see things and those that are not as fortunate.

1.  We can’t become wealthy believing in the Santa Claus effect.  Those that haven’t acquired wealth in any great proportion look at money as “luck”.  Just like we are told as children that Santa will bring us presents, we look at things like the lottery, inheritances, winning money by gambling etc. as the way we will achieve wealth.  Statistics tell us that most lottery winners are worse off 5 years after their win. 

2.  People that haven’t achieved the state of wealth tend to believe that things happen to them.  They are victims of unfair advantages such as; lack of education, not getting the right breaks in life, and never being in the right place at the right time.  Wealthy people believe that they make their own circumstances.  They are responsible for their “breaks in life”. They look for opportunities instead of waiting for them to happen.

3.  Those without wealth look at situations from a perspective of lack.  There aren’t enough resources to last.  There is only so much of anything to go around.  Where as, wealthy people believe that there will always be more than enough.  For instances, when fossil fuels are getting ready to run out, we will have moved past the need to use them and we will be using something else. They believe in the inherit ability for the human race to always have an abundance of what they need.  If it doesn’t exist now, it will later. 

The acquisition of long lasting wealth for most people is a complete paradigm shift.  It doesn’t happen over night.  If we want to develop wealth we first need to be completely clear on what means to us.  What does it look like in your mind to be wealthy?  We all have different standards to judge wealth.  To some, wealth may not be material assets.  One thing is a certainty.  Only you can decide what it means to you.

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