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What is the Secret to Becoming Successful?

September 24th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

On my quest for self improvement, I have studied a lot of information on the Law of Attraction.  When the movie “The Secret” burst on the scene it became an overnight success.  I must admit, I liked the movie.  But, even the makers of the movie will tell you, it’s not complete.  There’s so much more to being successful than visualization.

We could curl up on a pillow in our lotus position and visualize all day long.  I have nothing against visualization.  In fact, I love it!  When I visualize my success, it makes me smile!  It pumps me up!  It helps me develop my clear, concise mental picture of what I really want.  It is the daydream of inspirations which adds the fuel to my desires.  But, as Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident.  They came by hard work.”

I’ve also heard motivational speakers say, “it’s not how hard you work, but how smart you work that makes the difference”. There’s an element of truth to that statement.  We do need to work smart.  If we don’t, we can spend hours and hours chasing our tails and not getting the job done.  No matter how smart we work, it is still leaves the 99% of hard work we have to put in to succeed.

Napoleon Hill talks about “paying the price”.  Many people would LOVE to have a successful business and be financial independent.  If they could find that on their pillow of visualization everyone would be in on it.  There’s no way to escape it.  What separates the people who obtain success from those that don’t is still the ugly four letter word, W-O-R-K.

Most people aren’t willing to put in the sacrifice of hard work.  They aren’t willing to put themselves on the line for their idea and follow it through with an incredible amount of effort.   Not everyone is an Olympic athlete.  Why?  Because, not only does it take an amazing amount of talent, it takes an astronomical amount of work, sore muscles, getting up early, and working late nights.  Time and effort squared!  If it was easy, everyone would be an Olympian.

The next time you are presented the idea that we can visualize and get into the “flow” and all our desires will come to us.  Realize, this may be true for the vital 1% part of the equation of success.  We’ll still need the other 99% to succeed.  I say, let’s leap off those pillows and get the job done!

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