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What Successful People Know About Big Mo

August 27th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Most people that aren’t successful wonder why.  Successful people, on the other hand, know exactly why they are successful.  Successful people, whether they realize it or not, study success.  All successful people developed a desire for success.  It became a “must” for them.  Quitting is not an option for them. 

Yesterdays blog post, “The 3 Things You Must Do to Create a Success Breakthrough”, I wrote about clarity.  To obtain success, you must be clear on what you want and why you desire it.  Once you have become clear on why you want success it is time to develop certainty.  When you know that quitting is not an option, that is certainty.  When success becomes a “must”, that is certainty.  Tony Robbins calls certainty the “holy grail of action”.  When you combine certainty with action you will get results!

How do you develop certainty when the entire world seems to be conspiring against it?  Most people struggle with their level of belief.  They have the potential to accomplish what they want, but their belief level is so low that they struggle.  In my July 30th post, “Finding the Millionaire in You”, I wrote about Roger Bannister.  Before 1954, no one had run a mile in 4 minutes. Roger Bannister, against all odds, was the first person to break that record.  Two years later, 37 people had run a 4 minute mile.  Those other 37 people had the potential to break that 4 minute record, but they didn’t do it.  Until they believed it could be done by seeing Bannister do it.  That is when the shift happened in their minds.

When the shift happens and we believe we have the potential, action must follow.  Once action is in play, results start to happen.  When results happen it reinforces the belief in our potential and the cycle starts all over again on a higher level.  That creates Big Momentum.  When “Big Mo” is on your side, look out!  Amazing things start to happen.  If you don’t have “Big Mo” your progression towards success can be painful slow.

How can we attract Big Mo to come play on our team?  It starts in our mind.  It is time to pump up our belief level by finding those people that have done what we want to do.  Model them.  We could even mentor with them.  Mentoring is effective if it is done correctly.  That will be a blog post for another day.

Another way is to visualize.  It has been proven in the sports world that better performance hinges on visualization.  All of us have beliefs about things that are unconscious.  Even though our subconscious mind is not the thinking part of the brain, it rules the roost on our belief levels.  Visualization, done correctly, produces amazing results.  When visualizing, only picture the end results, with emotion.

Getting results in our head first, conditions us for certainty.  Certainty burns the bridges in our minds.  Perfect practice creates perfect results.  Visualization can create that perfect practice.  Keep in mind that visualization is not an overnight thing.  It takes practice and patience and must be followed up with action.

If you are looking for a visualization tool, I highly recommend Mind Movies.  It is a visualization tool that you create on your computer.  You are able to create your own mind movie that you can watch on your computer or iphone every day.  You personalize it with your goals and dreams.  It can even run in the subliminal mode.  The Mind Movie people have made your movie ultra easy to create.  Their small workbook that you go through to prepare your mind movie is excellent for helping you become clear on what you want.

If you are looking for more of a relaxing while you visualize kind of thing, Bruce Muziak’s Relaxation for Manifestation and Relaxation for Wealth are two Cd’s that you can use while you relax.

Above all, nothing happens until you take action and continue to taking action.  When Big Mo becomes your best friend the world of success opens up for you!

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