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Why Can’t I Be Positive All the Time?


What is a successful life?  I have heard success described by Tom Hopkins, the world class sales trainer,  as  “the continuous journey towards the achievement of worthwhile goals”.  I accept that, but that is not what today’s post is going to be about.

In our society, we all have heroes.  People that we look up to that seem to have the ideal life.  We are absolutely crushed when our “hero” falls spireling down to Earth in a blaze of news coverage.  Why do people that seem to have it all suddenly crash?

All of us have our “stuff” that we carry around with us.  That “stuff” influences every aspect of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. All of us have dark sides of ourselves that we want to repress.  Just because someone has attained “fame” does not mean that they are free of their “stuff”. Fame often times brings money.  Money can make one’s “dark side” easier to obtain.

We have been brought up to believe that our “stuff” needs to be hidden.  I am not saying that I am a proponent of throwing our stuff out there for everyone to see.  I am a very private person in many respects.  I do believe that we, as a culture, adore “sunshine and lollipops” mentality.  Much of the self improvement, self help, personal development or what ever you want to call it is very vested in this mentality.

I really like the movie “The Secret”.  It was a movie of warm fuzzies.  A whole industry was developed around the “law of attraction”.  So much, that the other Universal Laws were mostly forgotten.  In some respects, The Secret, pushed the “sunshine and lollipop” idea so much to the fore front that people feel like if they have “bad or negative” thoughts or emotions, they will not get what they really want.  It is their fault because they can’t stay positive all the time.  Therefore, we hid our dark thoughts, sometimes even from ourselves, so we can maintain the cheery positive thoughts that will magically bring our desires to us.

The more we push something down the stronger it gets.  To resist something is to have it persist and grow.  When this happens to our heroes, they fall.  They don’t just fall, they crash!  If they are famous, they are the next 24 hour news story.

I have run across a movie by Debbie Ford called “The Shadow Effect“.  It has some very heavy hitters in the self improvement industry involved in this movie.  I highly recommend you check out the trailer.

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