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Will Smith – The Wisdom Behind His Success

January 15th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

will smith #2I love studying successful people like Will Smith.  Studying people that have risen to great heights in their field of endeavor is motivational and inspirational.  That, alone, has great worth.  What is of greater worth, is by studying great people who have done amazing things, it is possible to uncover the pattern or “blue print” for success. By discovering that blue print we can figure out how to replicate it for our own success and achievements.

I believe that when we have the goal and the desire to make a difference in this world, we will be shown the path to make that happen.  The problem is not in finding the path, the problem is how we approach that trail to our desires.

In this video, Will Smith points out that we are always looking for the complex when really it is easy.  Sometimes, I wonder, if we make things difficult because we have the need to feel we deserve it, or do we just overlook the simplicity?

I have always been a fan of Will Smith.  I enjoy his work.  He is a master craftsman in his field of endeavor.  He has worked very hard to establish himself in a very competitive field.  When I saw this video, it all fell into place.  So many times we focus on those in Hollywood that have achieved success and then let it slip through their fingers because of a deadly flaw in their personality that made it possible for things such as drugs to take over and crush their success.  Those highly publicized bodies are strewn along the path of Hollywood successes and it colors our perception.

Will Smith is a thoughtful and determined man.  He has studied success for years.  He has found “the flow” of making it happen.  When someone finds “the flow”, and has the work ethic to make it happen, their endeavors can seem effortless.  The extraordinary thing that sets Will apart from others is his passion for sharing his knowledge of success.

There are many pearls of wisdom in this 10 minute video.  I have watched it several times. I took notes and most of all I enjoyed it. If you will do the same, I believe you will discover the “blueprint”. If you enjoy it, leave me a comment and pass it on.

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