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Zig Ziglar – Attitude Makes the Difference

December 15th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Zig ZiglarPeople are the funniest beings.  They get attached to the strangest things.  One of the oddest things I have seen people get attached to is “drama”.  Not the kind of drama performers use to play a part  in a dramatic roles, or people who enjoy watching drama on TV.  I mean the people that have the attitude of drama.  There is always drama in their life.  It doesn’t matter what day you see them, they have new tales of woe to dump on you.

If you know people like that, you will probably agree, they drain your positive energy.  I have acquaintances that I thank God I have caller ID.  That sounds harsh, doesn’t it?  But, if you want to be truthful, you have some of those same acquaintances.  They are the people that once they have you in their sights, you are going to hear all the negative, pessimistic things that are presently going on.  Believe me, we all have things that we might not find uplifting happening in our own lives.  Why do these people only focus on the negatives?

They enjoy the attention.  That’s it.  They believe they will get your undivided attention if they can rattle off all their bad stuff.  Some people don’t realize they are doing it.  They can be second or third generation complainers.  They are products of negative environments.  They really don’t want to be released from it either, because they are comfortable with it.  Every time we listen to them talk about their drama we are fueling their obsession.

There are two ways to handle this situation.  You can work on helping them see their drama for what it is, negative energy and lack of gratitude.  You can handle them the same way Zig Ziglar does in this video.  Or, if you can’t change the people around you, you can change the people around you and keep an eye on that caller ID.

This is a great 9 minute video about how attitude makes the difference.  Feel free to pass it on.  Here’s the link to some of his material that you can use to start your own “Automobile University“.  Nightingale Conant is having a 25% off Christmas Sale!

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